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Main city tour


We give you the essentials of our City: From the geological fault fissure that gave us all the water and the mountainous South Island of the city, to the Ice Age that gave us the Archipelago and the boulder ridge passing through city.

From the trading & discovering warriors, the Vikings, to the Nobel Prize. From the Blood Bath to Abba and from the Regicide in The Royal Opera to IKEA, H&M and Ibra.


During a two-hour walk (more listen and look than walk) we help you see and learn more about some of lovely Stockholm's restaurants, landmarks, nightlife and other highlights.


We show and talk about our unique cozy Old Town and Swedish art, history, shopping, traditions, geography, welfare, religion and economy etc.

We walk leisurely through the central parts of Stockholm, including the Old Town.

You see and hear the story about The Opera, the Parliament and the City Hall (a major landmark of Stockholm).


We look at the Grand Hotel, the National Museum of Art as well as the full rigged 3-masted clipper “af Chapman”. We hear about the pride of the Swedish Navy, the 17th century Vasa-ship and the possible reasons for the catastrophe in the central harbor basin, nowadays turned into a veritable success story.


We pass the beautifully designed old Government buildings and you get to know about our Royal National City Park and the reasons why Stockholm was voted first Green Capital of Europe.


 The Nobel Dinnerware, ©ToRi

Swedish Salmon, ©ToRi

"Dala horse", ©ToRi


We show you some of the other landmarks of Stockholm, e.g. the Royal Palace and the 13th century Cathedral where our Royal marriages take place.


You learn about our Crown Princess marriage, our Royal Family, whose French ancestor was “headhunted” to become King of Sweden and you will even get a postcard of the Royal Family for free!


You see many of the 14 islands making up Stockholm, scattered between Lake Mälaren to the west and the Baltic Sea to the East and the lock between those waters, and we speak about the land elevation, the City-fishing and swimming.

We take you to the Nobel Museum at the Main Square where The Blood Bath took place. You hear about the Hell and pass through the narrowest alley (70 cm/28inches) in the old town.


We end the tour at the Iron Market from which you can individually explore the best shopping, resturant and pedestrian street, Västerlånggatan.


Facts about the tour


Frequency: Any day, any time...on request, minimum 4 persons.


Duration:  Just below 2 hours


Language: Tours are guided in English. Or for groups of 6 or more we can provide Spanish, French or Italian guides. On request about 10 more languages

Starting Point: VOLVO Showroom in Kungsträdgården. Please look at the map above!


Price: 25 EUR/250 SEK.


Booking: Phone +46(0)761961596 or book a couple of days ahead at



Welcome, we look forward to being your guide!


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The Royal Opera, © ToRi


The Old Town, © ToRi




The Arbalester near The Iron market, ©ToRi


af Chapman, ©ToRi


The Royal Palace, © ToRi

Love Stockholm, ©ToRi


The Parliament, © ToRi


The Nobel Prize medal, ©ToRi